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Mounts with Pivot Knuckle for mounting on angled surfaces. The Pivot Knuckle allows the mount to be leveled when mounting on slanted surfaces. 


Standard Mounting Plate Application:

Lowrance - ALL Units 7 through 10" Units (Does not fit Elite-7TI Touch)

Humminbird - 800 series, 900 series, 1100 series    

Garmin - ALL Garmin Units

Simrad - Evo 3 NSS7, GO 9


RM7/Helix Mounting Plate Application:

Humminbird: ALL HELIX


Apex: 13 & 16 (adaptor plate 19 coming soon)

RM/O/I Mounting Plate Application: 

HumminbirdOnix and Ion Series

Lowrance- ALL 12" and 16" units

Ray Marine- Element 7, Axiom 7, 9, & 12

Simrad- Evo 3 NSS12 & 16, GO 12

Pivot Knuckle Mounts (For angled surfaces)

  • The Pivot Knuckle is needed when there isn't a spot to mount that is parralell with the water. It uses a "Taper Fit" to allow unlimited adjustment, assuring your can level your mount when mounting on a slanted surface. Once you have it where you need it, put some Lock-Tite on the 3/8" bolts, tighten them down they won't budge! 

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